Soundstage Rental

Our rental package includes access to our 3,600 ft2 (60ft x 60ft ) soundstage with 3-sided cyclorama wall and acoustically-constructed walls and ceiling. All basic amenities such as electricity, Internet, and kitchen are standard, as are a dedicated dressing room, and producer's office. Our production space also allows for easy equipment delivery and installation via an oversized grip truck loading door, Genie Man lift and fork lift. Additional small- and large-grip truck services are available at an additional rental fee.

Visiontracks offers daily, half-day, and weekly rates.

Soundstage Details


At Visiontracks, we can satisfy any production need. We provide you with a huge soundstage with one of the largest 3-sided Cyc Walls in the Midwest, and knowledgeable experts who are excited to assist you. Any questions or concerns, we have answers. Our affordable and exclusive 3,600 ft2 soundstage is ready for your film, video, photography, web and media production needs. We look forward to being a part of your next big venture! Download Soundstage Layout

3,600 ft2 (60 x 60 ft) Soundstage

Among one of the largest soundstages in the Midwest, space is not an issue. With 3,600 sq. ft of sound stage to work with, virtually no matter what you are wanting to produce, you will have plenty of room to work with. Our soundstage caters to a wide range of clients such as those in film, TV, video, and photo. Our soundstage is air conditioned.

3-sided Cyc Wall

Our 60 x 50 x 30 ft. cyclorama wall is one of the biggest in the Midwest, suitable for any video/film, photography, or media production needs. And with a slight tweak of equipment, intensity, or color, our experts develop the exact setting and tone your production needs. Our 3-sided cyc wall can also be painted with chroma key paint which can later be digitally removed and replaced.

Cyc walls repainting subject to charges:

Additional costs for painting cyc walls other than the color white :

  • Cost of paint
  • Cost of labor to paint
  • Cost of Labor to paint back to cyc white
Acoustically Treated Walls & Ceiling

Our soundstage has 2 inch fiberglass sound absorbing panels with a N.R.C. rating of 1.05. Acoustically treated walls and ceilings are important because if left untreated, rooms will have an uneven frequency response, creating unwanted noise, echo, and distortion.

Dressing Room

You should feel like a movie star! Visionworks offers a private, luxurious green room, or dressing room, complete with two hair and make-up stations, contemporary seating, and an area to hang attire.


We also guarantee that our soundstage provides enough power to run any equipment or lighting your production might need. We offer 1,200 amps of power right out of the gate, and you can utilize that power through several of our available Bates stage pin connectors and Camlock hookups. Power is delivered through a 3-phase bus bar to guarantee reliable power at all times during your shoot.

Wireless Internet Access

We use one of the most advanced and fastest speed internet connections available. Great for multiple devices and multiple users to use consecutively.

Multimedia Conference Room

Perfect for holding large meetings and discussing projects. Equipped with big screen TVs, comfortable seating, and wireless internet.


Does your shoot include usage of over-sized set equipment or large vehicles? No problem. We have the accessibility and the space. Garage door measures 11' - 10" (ht.) x 9' - 6".

Convenient Location

Visiontracks is conveniently located within minutes of downtown St. Louis and Lambert International Airport. Of course, we also have plenty of restaurants and fast food options available within minutes of our facility.

Daily, Half-Day, & Weekly Rates

Need our soundstage for a day? Half a day? A week? We have you covered. Visiontracks offers daily, half day, and weekly packages. We are happy to meet your needs.